29 January 2016

26 January 2016


It might not look like snowy Sweden but the windows were covered with ice and the snow was on the ground outside this green room. We seek heat in various places during winter, this is the warm greenhouses in Lunds botanical garden, otherwise we frequently go to the hot yoga studio or the sauna by the sea.

15 January 2016

New Homepage

Hi everyone!
I've switched from indexhibit to wordpress and updated my homepage.
I work on a very big screen so all the images look big when I view them, but I noticed that when zooming in on them on a laptop some nearly get smaller - remember then to click on the fullscreen mode in the top left corner of the preview mode.


04 January 2016

50% SALE on the 2016 Calendar

Hi! The new year has started so the calendars are now on a 50% Sale.
Get your copy here.