28 April 2015

"Unicorn house" tote

Here's a look at the "unicorn house" tote!
Photo from my new workspace at home actually! I finally have a desk that I can lower and rise :) I don't have that at work and it's killing my neck and shoulders, it really makes everything so tense :/

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26 April 2015

Free shipping + 10% discount

Good morning guys!

Today, April 26th, my shop has free shipping, and is you use the code "mayflowers" you get a 10% discount as well.

Above is a tote-bag with the print "4 cats on a boat"

24 April 2015


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Spring has come with a lot of changes and it's been really great.
My sister has come home. Me and Robert bought a new flat and moved in last month. We're getting a kitten pretty soon I hope. Sometimes when spring comes I get a unsatisfying feeling. Something about when the weather changes... but nothing in my life does, feels melancholic. But this times things in my life have changed as much as the weather - so I only feel happiness. 

23 April 2015

My favorite illustrators!

Rebecca Green

Here are some of my favorite illustrators, most of them I follow on Facebook, which I really enjoy. If an artist isn't on Facebook it's a bigger chance that my inspirations get forgotten in some bookmark. But with fb updates a few times a year they stay in my thoughts :)

Melissa Castrillion

Beatrice Alemagna

Kirsten Sims

Liekeland (Lieke van der Vorst)

15 April 2015

10 April 2015


My sister in the forest.
The opera had a sale this year so we bought this blue skirt from one of last years performances. I've stopped myself from buying more princess-dresses, since I don't really want to shoot "princess photography" anymore ;) However, I don't think I'll ever be able to sell my dresses. They're just too beautiful.