23 April 2015

My favorite illustrators!

Rebecca Green

Here are some of my favorite illustrators, most of them I follow on Facebook, which I really enjoy. If an artist isn't on Facebook it's a bigger chance that my inspirations get forgotten in some bookmark. But with fb updates a few times a year they stay in my thoughts :)

Melissa Castrillion

Beatrice Alemagna

Kirsten Sims

Liekeland (Lieke van der Vorst)


  1. oh this is funny
    we have nearly the same list of favorite illustrators
    unless Rebecca Green I didn't know
    thank you for the discovery of her work !

  2. Vilka fina tips! Hade inte upptäckt Yun förrän nu.
    (Lite fler tips (du kanske redan känner till dem, men ändå): Camilla Engman, Klara Persson, Joanna Hellgren, Clara Dackenberg, Laura Carlin, Mari Kantad Johnsen...