26 November 2014

Blue village

Oh, I made a new illustration of a village. Just forgot to post it on the blog - it's a little confusing with Facebook and Instagram being involved. Not sure witch media to pick really.
I've thought about trying to create this into a kids wallpaper, I'll see how that would work. 

23 November 2014

My pillowcases

Good morning!

I think Society6 has added too many products that you can print on. I thing for example rugs, shower curtains and clocks are rather unnecessary in the shop. If I could recommend any products - it would of course first hand be an actual art print or the pillow cases. I also think cases and skins for phones, iPads and computers are really nice. I ordered some things on the 9th of november and received them 21st november here in Sweden (from USA, and luckily no toll either :).
So if you're looking for a christmas gifts there is still time to order!

09 November 2014

03 November 2014

Free shipping + $5 off each item!

My shop has a great offer at the moment, especially nice now before christmas.

Free shipping and $5 off everything!
It goes until november 9.

All you have to do is use this promo link