29 July 2014

23 July 2014

21 July 2014

Swedish countryside

Me with my two friends on the top photo.

Every weekend has been so nice since vacation started.
Weather has been good and we're swimming in every sea and lake we come by. The sun sets just before midnight and it feels so good to finally bathe in light after the long Swedish winter.

Porcelain deer and a real deer

10 July 2014


Instagram username ulrikakestere

There's a pretty long interview with me over at Lens People.
Read it if you like :)

07 July 2014

Gazebo sisters

Print available in shop

After a dryperiod of not drawing I finally managed to find some inspiration. A lot thanks to the talented Yelena Bryksenkova. I went through her homepage one day and simply found the urge to draw again. That's what artist can do to each other… and it's so great. I wrote her thanks of course.

I've been combining a bit more biro with my ink. It's easier that way. Also I had to consult Robert when I got confused as to what should be bright and what should be dark in the picture. I'm lucky to live with another artist.

This was the first idea sketch. Might be a year or two old. But it's good to have them laying around when inspiration hits you and you quickly need something to work with. I knew that I wanted to draw something with sisters again because I tend to do that when it's been a long period since I've last seen my own sister.

And if this would be something you'd like to print it's of course available on society6 :)