16 May 2014


Hi there, here's another photograph I've made at work. I did his one just when I had started at the agency, before christmas. It was such a luxury to have a workday in the mossy forest. Unfortunately there hasn't been more of those :) But hopefully there will be.
It's for MultiCopy/Stora Enso. How the ad will look in the end is still uncertain. This is just a sketch.

14 May 2014

Älska Papper - campaign for Helsingborgs Dagblad

The "Älska Papper" (Love paper) campaign for HD had started to appear in the newspaper and I've shot all of the portraits. 12 all together - of various employees at HD.

07 May 2014

Istanbul, part I

Me and Robert went to Istanbul for the weekend. And well, we weren't the only ones because there were a lot of other tourist everywhere :) But it was a nice city to visit with a lot of things to see. Especially cats.