28 April 2014


First photo by Robert :)

27 April 2014

Hovs Hallar

On the last day of easter we went to Hovs Hallar in the northwest of Skåne.
I've never been there before so it was really enchanting. Especially when I was looking up on a large rocky hill by the sea and saw these large horns sticking up and long black hair flying in the wind. I thought it was some creature from a story. But it turned out to be goats :)

26 April 2014

The last eggs

Our last easter eggs. These we actually ate too :)

24 April 2014

Visiting granny

Granny turned 80 years during easter so I went to Latvia to see her.
She lives close to the sea in Liepaja. We went for a walk and she looked so pretty in her red hat. I got her new walking shoes that I hope she'll be able to use. Shopping shoes for your granny is rather tricky.
The seashore is so large in Liepaja. Like a grand desert.
She told me that every time there is a storm they go and see if that old house has collapsed already. But it looks like it's going to take a while. 

23 April 2014


It's great that everyone gets one day that's their day every year. Birthdays are special that way.
So far I think getting older has great charm. 

16 April 2014

Elegant Eggs

Above: Grass on white egg
Below: Yellow flowers on brown egg

15 April 2014

Easter tutorial: How to color eggs with onion shells

Every year I re-post this tutorial for my favorite season, easter :)
For me, this is the only way to color easter eggs! With flowers, leafs, feathers and onion shell. Most people I meet have never heard of this method (unless they're from eastern europe that is). So I thought I would share it with you.

This is what you need! Flowers, leafs, string, raw eggs and yellow and red onion shell. The bigger onion shells the better. Just go to the supermarket and dig around in the onion box. You'll find quite a lot!

Moist the egg and the flowers/plants with water, that will make it easier for them to stick to the egg. Don't put flowers over the eggs stamp, it will make it appear more clearly. I recently discovered that putting a little feather makes a beautiful print!

Moist the onion shells and wrap them carefully around the egg. Don't move around the flowers. Red onion shell colors much more than yellow. But it's difficult to know hat the result will be. Some shells give SO much color and some give less. It's beautiful when you put little pieces of red onion shell around the egg though.

Wrap the string tight around the egg. String that's wrapped around sloppy will fall of when it's cooking. Also, use a lot of string. The tighter you spinn the flowers and onion to the egg, the better prints you'll get.

Put all the eggs together with the onion shell leftovers into a pot. Cook it for about 12-15 minutes. These eggs are supposed to be eaten and not hung on branches!

Rinse the cooked eggs in cold water and wrap the string and onion shell carefully of.

This beautiful print was made with a little white swan feather. The reddish tone on the right is from red onion shell.

Rub the eggs in bacon to make them shine even when they're dry. You don't have to do this but it gives them a extra nice appearance! It's worth the effort :)

Go outside and find some nice moss, the eggs will look beautiful resting on it :) Good luck! I hope you try this during eater. If you're not an onion fan you can always give it a try with silk otherwise!  Here's a tutorial on how to do it with silk ties.

I made a printable DIY for this last year. You can get the picture in high-res HERE !

04 April 2014

Instagram 2 #ulrikakestere

 1. Soft little kitten-paws
2. Strimma in the forest (Border collie mix)
3. Dead frog in Lund
4. Saturday morning in early march

1. My other bosses dog, Kajsa, an airedale terrier. She kept me company while I was sunbathing and reading a magazine on the balcony during lunch.
2. Helsingborg have lovely flower arrangements in the city.
3. Finally got studio flashes to the office!
4. Staircase up to work.


02 April 2014

Instagram #ulrikakestere

1. Teddy at work (my bosses dog, a grand mastiff)
2. My hairdo before Roberts sisters wedding
3. Taking a walk by the sea during lunch (Helsingborg)
4. Lamp at the office, not any bulbs with light anymore :)

1. Pigeons in Lund
2. Coming home from Norway to colorful tulips
3. Orange tulips on valentines
4. Frightened pinecone in the forest (skryllegården)