31 March 2014

Work - Chocolatte

Some photos for the little chocolate store chocolatte in Helsingborg. Our agency has done some of the graphic design for their packaging. I haven't been involved in that part though. 

29 March 2014

Work - HD & Hallå!

When you work at an advertising agency your work often varies a lot. Especially if you work at a small one. In my last workplace I didn't have that many opportunities to do photo-shoots outside my graphic designing. But at my new workplace, where we are 8 people, I'm being trusted with more and more shoots which is great fun.
Helsingborgs Dagblad is one of our clients and the 4 adds above are for their launch of a new, updated newspaper. My boss showed me the sketches for the ideas and told my that I could decide if I was up for it or if I wanted to pass it on to another photographer. Of course I was up for it.

Below are some really colorful adds for HDs local paper "Hallå!". The small object symbolizes how much they write about foreign matters and the large object symbolizes how much they write about local news. The photos look crazy colorful on the screen… haha, I can hardly tell you just how dull and grey they get once they're printed on standard newspaper-paper.

Doing the shoots is the fun bit. But seeing them in the paper is no huh-haa. When starting out with creativity you often dream of seeing your stuff in a magazine or what now. But every time I've been published I find myself feeling nothing special. I think having your work framed on someones wall is way cooler. Newspapers come and go like toiletpaper really :)  However, I'm not being ungrateful. Just saying that it's not the wow you picture in your head.

21 March 2014

Cat in tree

I hope you'll have a great weekend!

19 March 2014


Another shot of Marte.

15 March 2014

Spring is here!

I came home from Lofoten and there were colorful tulips at home and in Lunds parks there were tiny flowers here and there.
When I wake up the sun is shining through the curtains… not like a few weeks ago when you woke up in darkness. It really makes your mood shift. I find myself smiling a lot more when I'm in a neutral state of mind. The photos are of my friend Vanja, shot last sunday.

14 March 2014

Before sun came

A few weeks ago everything was still pretty cloudy and grey.
But things have sure started to change. Sun and flowers everywhere…. :)

12 March 2014

Student work

Photographs by students at Lofoten Folkhøgskole (Kabelvåg, Norge)
Top: Kristine Nome Andersen
Left: Siri Andersen
Right: Dagmara Wojtanwicz

I liked my students this year, they were very creative in their solutions.
They all got a photograph which they had to copy, the more similar the better.
It's a good way to learn how professionals work with light but also how much you can alter color and light in photoshop afterwards. They were also asked to do a mini-task were they had to combine colors that work well together. Not as easy as it might sound. There are colors that work well together… and then there are color-combination that are like a poem. Completely harmonic and perfect together. 

09 March 2014

Norwegian braids

The day before I left Lofoten I photographed these two norwegian beauties, Emilie and Marte.
I often need a little push to do my own stuff when I'm up there… but I tell myself that I need to try and do one shoot in the studio per year at least.
It takes three planes to get back home. The first plane is very small with propellers and goes from Svolvær to Bodø in 20 minutes. The weather was bad yesterday so the turbulence was crazy. I could really feel the seatbelt keeping me from flying to the roof. You could hear the bags in the overhead compartment smash into the top though. I was clutching to the seatbelt, closing my eyes and just thinking "The most important thing is that my sister isn't here". Because you see, she is terrified of turbulence. And this one would traumatize her for life. So I got out of the plane actually trying to hold back tears because I felt so out of it. I've been in some turbulence before on this specific route, but yesterday was crazy! I'm not afraid of crashing, I just don't like crazy roller coasters ;)

07 March 2014

The Lofoten winds

Coming here is so relaxing.
Although teaching takes a lot of energy the environment I'm in has a soothing effect. When the bad weather came in yesterday it was so beautiful how the mountains were put to sleep by soft foggy clouds. The wind and rain hit the windows now and then while the students were indoors working on their task. Some are really engaged and that makes me really happy. Hopefully they think it's fun too.

The school I'm at is a folkhøgskole which means that there is served food just about every fifth hour. I barely have time to get hungry and when I eat I eat WAY to much. A true luxury problem :)
I've never laughed so much in my life as I did during dinnertimes when I was a student here. We students were always sitting behind quite long after every dinner talking about nonsense things and making jokes. Back home today I feel like the talk is always about work or relationships and what-now. Super boring actually :P And at work I almost always sit alone during lunch because everyone just goes away or eats in front of the computer. So that's that :(

06 March 2014

Free Shipping + $5 OFF EVERY ITEM!

Ok, this time Society6 has a pretty good offer so I thought I would share it on the blog, you have to go through the artist promo link though :

They have added shower curtains to the product range as well :)
Society6 have free shipping offers pretty often, if I comment about it I always do it on my facebook page. 

04 March 2014


Hi from north!
This week I'm in Lofoten teaching, as I've been the past years in march.
I'm especially liking all the norwegian food, for dinner we had salted lamb and in my makkepakke I have brunost ^_^
It's been clear skies for two days now but still no northern lights :( And unfortunately a real shitstorm is coming in tomorrow so my chances are probably slim.
Alright, but now it's time for kveldsmat, talk to you later!