27 February 2014

4 cats on vacation

I actually only drew this illustration in order to color it and practice coloring in photoshop. However, it turned out like crap with color so I'm leaving it in black and white.
It's about going on vacation as a family or in a group. There's almost always one who's grumpy or dissatisfied with the plans for the day. Or someone who just wants to go home all the time. Grumpy cat to the left represents those persons. I've been a grumpy traveller now and then too, and I'm sure you also have ;)

25 February 2014

Italy / Part 4

1. Geese hiding from the sun
2. Little things
3. Goats passing by

23 February 2014

Italy / Part 3

1. Stray dog by lake
2. Lea resting on the piano
3. Flowers in mums hair
4. Tiny watermelon

21 February 2014

Italy / Part 2

1. Me washing Abe after riding
2. Dogs walking in the hot sun by the stable
3. Braiding Abe
4. Lemon and green plums 

20 February 2014

Italy / Part 1

After Norway last summer I went to visit my sister in Italy for a week. Never got around to posting any photos so I though now might be as good a time as any :)

1. My sister with her horse Abe
2. My sisters cat Lea
3. Ice-cream made from the fruit and then put back into the fruit
4. Flowers in my bedroom
5. Coloring small stones in the garden

18 February 2014

White, blue & cold

First photos is shot close to the museum Louisiana in Denmark. They had a great exhibition about Arctic. The exhibition was really diverse and totally worth the trip. Also… I just love everything that has to do with arctic and antarctic. Did you know that arctic sort of means bear in greek and that antarctic simply can be translated to "no bear". That's a good way to tell the names apart. Antarctic = no bear and penguins in the south. Arctic = Polar bears, no penguins, in north.
Second photo is from a lonely walk in the forest and the last one is of Dunkers museum in Helsingborg, close to were I work. 

16 February 2014

Baking Cats

Illustration on Society6

I've had this sketch of the two baker cats for a while now.
I looked through my sketchbook during my no-ideas-phase and thought I'd give this old idea a go.
Below on the right side is the first sketch. The first one is always really important to follow, since the lines are so free and doodly. I often have trouble to take a sketch to the next level because I make everything too strict. So many times I have to scan my wobbly sketch and follow that into the real illustration.