22 January 2014

More & Better

Sleeping cats and what-now from my instagram

Although inspiration doesn't come quickly, I've been going through my sketches and I have a few ideas. But nothing that feels like "Yes! This is perfect and must be drawn now!". And that's where the trouble starts I guess, me looking for something perfect. Also I think that I'm embarrassed that I'm tired after work, that I might not be up to creating more. It's a little arrogant in a way, because I know that most people are tired after work and can't be supercreative, yet I insist on wanting to be a little better and not feel like that. I read that perfectionist have a fear of becoming like everyone else. Although this is true, I wonder if not everyone, even the ones who aren't perfectionists, have a fear of becoming like everyone else? What do you think?
Sure you want to fit in the group and be accepted - but we also want to be a little extra special. Not special in the way that "oh darling, everyone's special". Not everyone-special, but special-special.
Hmm... the thirst of creativity - wanting to be great.
I would rather not confess this, because I really want to urge all my readers not to strive for perfectionism - to enjoy a cosy open fire more than fame. But I do have a need for creating things that I feel are better and grander than what I've done before. And sometimes this more-and-better feeling tastes really sour. I constantly tell me friends that I dislike when people respond "I can't wait until I see more" when I show them new work. Although this is a kind comment it makes the current work we're looking at unintresting. We're not focusing on whats created but of what could be created. During my school years I was told that I should always strive for more, never settle for what was achieved. Does any of you have this statement ringing in your head?

I would love to have a discussion about this, because I know many of you are creative and have the same thoughts :)

07 January 2014

Bird & Fish

I was at my boyfriends dads home during christmas. He had lots of birds outside the window but I hadn't brought any more than 200 mm with me and couldn't get close enough. Luckily his dad borrowed me a 300 mm and I could get a little closer :) The one on the top photo is called blåmes in swedish... which if you translate would be something like blue sissy. Hah!
The other photos are from den blå planet in Copenhagen (near the airport). I gave my family a trip to the aquarium as a christmas gift. My sister was very eager to se the piranhas get fed. Unfortunately they seemed very full and barely paid attention to the food. Disappointing! It's never like in the movies. The last picture is so funny, my sister said "Uli, look at this guys teeth!". Fffhhh... he looks so silly!

05 January 2014

Bye christmas

A few days before christmas I went and visited Fredrik's family, the images above are from his house.

Sort of a relief that Christmas eve is over. Both me and my boyfriend have divorced parents, and I always feel that celebrations like these become a little tricky then.
I'm very bad at letting my perfectionist guard down. So when great moments like celebrations or travel emerge, I want everything to be so perfect that it often ends up the other way. I'm not saying that I wished that I didn't care at all, but caring a little less would probably be healthy.
What about you? Did you have a calm or stressful christmas?