30 September 2014

Thinking about braids

So… I started this braid photo project.
But it sort of failed. One problem is that I have no space to shoot in our small apartment (we are looking for bigger as we speak) - so I had to go to my dads house to have space. And that wasn't always ideal. I had to borrow flashes from work and dragging them with me on the train and then to my dads was also a craphouse.
I needed to have girls with long-ish hair, and that I did not have. I had myself. And my hair was getting too heavy for me to stand. So now it's cut and I've got these flat bangs that don't look like they should.
Uff, I hate starting projects and then everything becoming messy and no fun.
But the more you have to depend on location, your own appearance and having the right stuff...the less fun it gets. 


  1. Nevertheless, that's an interesting photograph : )

  2. Beautiful photo - Looks a bit melancolic and thinkfull. I know the feeling when ones ideas won't come around like you wanted them to.. It's annoying and disapointing. I think, it's just the downside part about beeing creative. Chin up :)

  3. I know the feeling, can be so frustrating at times... But I think your photograph looks really nice, turned out well!