02 August 2014

Swimming in sundown

During sunset it's often one world in one direction and a completely different in the other. Warm and shiny in one end and smooth and cool in the other. I recently came home from Latvia and these two were shot by a lake in Viksne.
Work starts on monday - but it's been a great vacation with a lot of bathing. I usually considered summers to be pretty boring, but since I met Robert this has really changed. And when you work full-time in front of a computer you appreciate summer a hundred times more - that's definitely an upside with work! 


  1. Pictures are great, and your talent is also.:)

  2. wow Scandinavian lakes are so beautiful, I just came home from my trip to Finland and these photos make me want to go back even more. You are an awesome photographer

  3. Fantastic atmosphere and such beautiful light! I love your pictures!

  4. Wow such pretty photos! I'm an art student right now and already imagining a work in front of a computer just like yours haha

  5. Love the photos and also swim in sundowns:-)
    Enjoy the last days in your holliday.