19 August 2014

Reader assignment: The Hair

Photos from pinterest

My dear creative readers!
Remember we did a few assignment some time back? We had a Blue theme, A magical place and a Literature theme?
I feel like I've lost touch with my readers, since no one comments so much anymore it doesn't feel like such a crowded place anymore. I though a new assignment could be fun, so I learn more about you and also I know many of you are crazy talented. And I'd love to do this task together with you.

The theme is: "The Hair"
It can be anything from crazy hair in the wind - to a photo of hair covered in flour. It can also just be a nice hairdo captured in a nice way. You don't have to have yourself in the photo (although I do like self-portraits :) The hair doesn't need to be the main element in the picture either. Be creative with the theme! 
And - it's about the hair on the head (beard also counts)- not the hair on the rest of your body.
I'm giving this two weekends and setting the deadline on September 2nd. Create a new photo, the idea of the task it not to participate with old material :)

Theme: The Hair
Format: 600 px wide 
Deadline: 2 September
Submission: Send to info@ulrikakestere.com

Don't forget: To add name and homepage/blog link in your email with the photo

And as usual I'll post my favorite submissions on the blog!
If you've got any questions just post them in the comment field and I'll answer asap.


  1. Ulrika, even though I don't comment much, I enjoy your blog posts immensely! Hopefully I can think a nice image to photograph... But please, keep blogging!

  2. Oh this sounds fun! Looking forward to it :))

  3. Sounds like fun. :)
    I'll try something. :)

  4. Oh this is fun I want to try it. I'm not shure if I'll really make something but I would love to participate!

  5. I hope to give this a try Uli, A busy next couple of weeks for me but I love the sound of it! :)

  6. Jag är definitivt en av dem som är sämre på att kommentera! Men jag vill att du ska veta att du är en av de mest talangfulla bloggarna jag följer. Det du ritar och fotar, det är magi för mig!

  7. Can you submit more than one image?

    1. Sure! But if I post your photo on the blog I'll only choose one :)

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  9. Hi Ulrika :) Cool assignment! I love following your blog - it's very inspiring and one of my favourites :) I do have trouble wrinting in the comment box..? It's like it doesn't work on my iPhone, which I usually use when I read blogs (I use the Bloglovin app). If other followers also have this problem, it could explain the drop in commments? Well, just a thought :) Keep on blogging - I look forward to every new post you make. Lots of happiness from Marie, Denmark

  10. Hi there. I'm one of the silent readers... but today I decided to raise my voice just to let you know that I enjoy your blog and admire your artistry very much. Thank you for all the beauty you are sharing with us ! Best regards from Slovenia!