21 July 2014

Swedish countryside

Me with my two friends on the top photo.

Every weekend has been so nice since vacation started.
Weather has been good and we're swimming in every sea and lake we come by. The sun sets just before midnight and it feels so good to finally bathe in light after the long Swedish winter.


  1. Love your photos.
    Swedish, romantic style - just great.
    And the summer 2014 is so very hot hot.

    We need to have ice all the time and cold drinks.
    My friend made lovely sorbet ice:

    Prøv opskriften.

  2. Sunset at midnight sounds so magical!

  3. I love that first photo especially, such a happy and beautiful photo! I love swimming in lakes and the sea too, although the sea for me is rather hard to access, happy summer!xx

  4. I always think Sweden looks so dreamy, the colours, the mood. Midnight sunsets sound amazing too, I'd love to experience it one day!