07 July 2014

Gazebo sisters

Print available in shop

After a dryperiod of not drawing I finally managed to find some inspiration. A lot thanks to the talented Yelena Bryksenkova. I went through her homepage one day and simply found the urge to draw again. That's what artist can do to each other… and it's so great. I wrote her thanks of course.

I've been combining a bit more biro with my ink. It's easier that way. Also I had to consult Robert when I got confused as to what should be bright and what should be dark in the picture. I'm lucky to live with another artist.

This was the first idea sketch. Might be a year or two old. But it's good to have them laying around when inspiration hits you and you quickly need something to work with. I knew that I wanted to draw something with sisters again because I tend to do that when it's been a long period since I've last seen my own sister.

And if this would be something you'd like to print it's of course available on society6 :)


  1. Uli, the drawing is wonderful, and I am thrilled that you started to draw again! I am always anxiously waiting for your new lovely illustrations, as I find myself inspiration in your drawings and photos and the stories behind them. I believe you already built a whole fantastic world for your characters to live in. I like to imagine myself walking through the forest and visiting the little foxes, lions and cats. I love the details in your drawings that make this world so credible and incredible at the same time.
    Thank you for sharing the original sketches also -- it is great to see the differences between the original idea and the final drawing; they make up a story on their own (I wonder what happened with the teapot? But yet again, the wind in the mountains might have scared the poor old mrs. teapot and she might have hidden in the gazebo).
    I also miss my sister. I hope the shop will extend their shipping list and I will be able soon to give her a present with your illustration. Thank you for sharing the drawing. For me it already became an old memory of two little sisters I know so well.

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Thank you for the nice comment. I'm so happy you like the illustration.
    Yes, the teapot had to go - it just felt too heavy there on the tip of the roof.
    Does your sister live in Latvia, is that why she isn't in the shipping list? I've emailed them about this so many times.... and they just ignore it :(

    Have a lovely day!

  3. My sister actually lives in Romania. I guess I will have to order the gift and deliver it myself. Afterall, it's a good reason for visiting her :)

  4. Hi Uli! Is it the original painting you have framed on the wall? I liked the framing and wonder if it is one of the frames you get when you buy it from society6, or if it is a frame you got somewhere else?