24 April 2014

Visiting granny

Granny turned 80 years during easter so I went to Latvia to see her.
She lives close to the sea in Liepaja. We went for a walk and she looked so pretty in her red hat. I got her new walking shoes that I hope she'll be able to use. Shopping shoes for your granny is rather tricky.
The seashore is so large in Liepaja. Like a grand desert.
She told me that every time there is a storm they go and see if that old house has collapsed already. But it looks like it's going to take a while. 


  1. 80 years old? She looks much younger.
    Like the red hat and the color of her outfit.
    Beautiful photos.

  2. I love the colour in her outfit, happy birthday to her! That old house looks really interestingx

  3. Could you please give info where to find that house? It looks so great that I really want to paint it

  4. Gorgeous photos :) Your granny looks really pretty, and I love her colourful style :)
    Happy belated birthday :) You look very pretty too :)
    Hugs from Norway
    PS: Wish we had that old, croocked house in our neighbourhood :)

  5. Vous avez les même beaux yeux ta grand-mère et toi, sensibles et intelligents !

  6. Åh vad fint! Vilket tokigt hus!