27 April 2014

Hovs Hallar

On the last day of easter we went to Hovs Hallar in the northwest of Skåne.
I've never been there before so it was really enchanting. Especially when I was looking up on a large rocky hill by the sea and saw these large horns sticking up and long black hair flying in the wind. I thought it was some creature from a story. But it turned out to be goats :)


  1. vilka fantastiska modeller ;)!

  2. Wow these photos are beautiful, sounds like a fun adventurexx

  3. I love the first picture, the goat looks majestic.

  4. Har varit dålig på att surfa det senaste året. Extra roligt och komma hit och se alla dina fina bilder. Hade glömt hur bra du är på det här :-)
    Fantastiskt vackert!