12 March 2014

Student work

Photographs by students at Lofoten Folkhøgskole (Kabelvåg, Norge)
Top: Kristine Nome Andersen
Left: Siri Andersen
Right: Dagmara Wojtanwicz

I liked my students this year, they were very creative in their solutions.
They all got a photograph which they had to copy, the more similar the better.
It's a good way to learn how professionals work with light but also how much you can alter color and light in photoshop afterwards. They were also asked to do a mini-task were they had to combine colors that work well together. Not as easy as it might sound. There are colors that work well together… and then there are color-combination that are like a poem. Completely harmonic and perfect together. 


  1. Copying a photo works for me in art too, except copying a painting, it really helps to work out the technique they've used. Sounds like a really interesting course! And the first photo especially is just incredible, those colours definitely work well!xx

  2. Good evening!

    I like the work.
    Great work:-)
    The first photo is perfekt.