15 March 2014

Spring is here!

I came home from Lofoten and there were colorful tulips at home and in Lunds parks there were tiny flowers here and there.
When I wake up the sun is shining through the curtains… not like a few weeks ago when you woke up in darkness. It really makes your mood shift. I find myself smiling a lot more when I'm in a neutral state of mind. The photos are of my friend Vanja, shot last sunday.


  1. These photos are so pretty, we have sun too, but different flowers. Those are such good coloursxx

  2. the photos are very beautiful!

    I´m also in love with the bright spring mornings, and you are so right, the sun definitely makes your mood shift :)

  3. True, when the sun is shining, then we are immediately happier, beautiful photos. :D

  4. What a joy this season brings, when it is sunny and bright! And you're totally right, natural light influences our mood so much. We had a cold and stormy weekend after a beautiful warm week with blue sky and everyones mood was just dropping. Lucky the sun came back!