09 March 2014

Norwegian braids

The day before I left Lofoten I photographed these two norwegian beauties, Emilie and Marte.
I often need a little push to do my own stuff when I'm up there… but I tell myself that I need to try and do one shoot in the studio per year at least.
It takes three planes to get back home. The first plane is very small with propellers and goes from Svolvær to Bodø in 20 minutes. The weather was bad yesterday so the turbulence was crazy. I could really feel the seatbelt keeping me from flying to the roof. You could hear the bags in the overhead compartment smash into the top though. I was clutching to the seatbelt, closing my eyes and just thinking "The most important thing is that my sister isn't here". Because you see, she is terrified of turbulence. And this one would traumatize her for life. So I got out of the plane actually trying to hold back tears because I felt so out of it. I've been in some turbulence before on this specific route, but yesterday was crazy! I'm not afraid of crashing, I just don't like crazy roller coasters ;)


  1. oh wow. i love this picture, it just catches my eye and I can't stop looking at it! the turbulence didn't sound as nice though... Good thing it was a short flight!

  2. Hello! Love your blog. I was checking out your shop - I must get myself one of your shower curtains!

  3. The photograph is beautiful, I love the style. Glad you got through the turbulence it sounds awful! Must have been quite an adventurexx

  4. I love this photo. Makes me want longer hair for my own Norwegian braids...Turbulence freaks me out too, but I'm glad you made it safely!

  5. Good evening.

    Very good work, such a lovely photo of to young norwegian:-)
    Love it!