06 March 2014

Free Shipping + $5 OFF EVERY ITEM!

Ok, this time Society6 has a pretty good offer so I thought I would share it on the blog, you have to go through the artist promo link though :

They have added shower curtains to the product range as well :)
Society6 have free shipping offers pretty often, if I comment about it I always do it on my facebook page. 


  1. shower curtains ??? omg.. it' beautiful

  2. Oh I have this promo too! But your illustrations are like 1000 times better and nicer :-) Great with a promo do!!

  3. i need more of your pieces of artwork!!! i have two prints of the seven horses series, but i just want more!!

  4. Wow. Dense, intricate, and 5% off for every item. People would certainly love these in their beds and shirts. The drawings seem to mesh real well with soft fabric. Anyway, thanks for this heads-up; it is a fresh change of pace in terms of approach and design.

    Brandon Bowman @ State Transport