18 February 2014

White, blue & cold

First photos is shot close to the museum Louisiana in Denmark. They had a great exhibition about Arctic. The exhibition was really diverse and totally worth the trip. Also… I just love everything that has to do with arctic and antarctic. Did you know that arctic sort of means bear in greek and that antarctic simply can be translated to "no bear". That's a good way to tell the names apart. Antarctic = no bear and penguins in the south. Arctic = Polar bears, no penguins, in north.
Second photo is from a lonely walk in the forest and the last one is of Dunkers museum in Helsingborg, close to were I work. 


  1. i love that first photo! so crazy!

  2. Interesting pictures that gets your mind wandering. Good work

  3. I am in love with photography, plus i am from Greece! Really happy to find your blog!