23 February 2014

Italy / Part 3

1. Stray dog by lake
2. Lea resting on the piano
3. Flowers in mums hair
4. Tiny watermelon


  1. I love the flowers on your mum's hair. Maybe, I'll try it for my mum too. And also, the cat and the watermelon. ♥

    - maica

  2. Love the cat on piano shot and the flowers in your mum's hair. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OOooh, love the pic with Lea on the piano with the flowers….it's solo beautiful! And the one with you washing Abe from the earlier post…you look so relaxed, tanned and happy!!!! You will have to come and visit again this summer…but with me and lea in the wooden barn by the sea :P! <3 <3 <3