30 November 2013

Visiting rabbits

After that horrible angora rabbit clip from PETA showing everywhere, I thought visiting and cuddling some rabbits would be in order to get back my happy thoughts back. Luckily my friends sister works at a 4H-gård (like a "city-farm" for kids) so me and my pal said hi to all the fussy ones.
That's me holding the baby bunny... oh my gosh, we nearly died, we just wanted to take him with us! He could fit in our pockets. 

28 November 2013

Society6 baby clothes & free shipping

Hey guys, it's so funny, Society6 announced that they now have kids t-shirts and onesies and then on one of the photos I thought.... wait a minute...who's pillow is that?? And it was mine! I thought that was pretty cool....since there are soooo many artists on Society6. The Fox on fishing boat pillow really is one of the best I think. I gave one to my mum and my mum gave another one to her friend with a boat. He really liked it too.

Also they have free shipping this week. I don't know if they'll have it again before christmas. Just a heads up. I hate nagging about my shop, but I know that some do use the free shipping moments. It's not like my earnings are high, but I love that it's a way for my work to be spread and seen by more people. That itself is worth a lot :)

I have some photographer friends that have opened a society6 shop... but photos are almost impossible to sell. I think I've sold 5 photos or something on my photography shop. Illustrations really attract more people.
And as goes for art on products, I definitely think that the pillows is the best one for my pictures. The least suiting are t-shirts. Also t-shirts give me the lowest profit, about 1,80 dollars... which would be 12SEK. For artists on the sites, we can't choose our profit on products, we always get 10%. Only on prints can we choose the earnings - so I usually add something between a 6 and 10 dollar profit.
But one of the most stupid things are that they don't ship to Latvia. What's that about? They ship to Lithuania and Estonia... I'll have to email then about this... again :P

26 November 2013

Status update

Lollo looks so proud and arrogant in this photo. Not like today when he simply looked confused :)

I thought I'd update my status, I feel I write so little of my life on the blog that it was time to make up for it. I personally don't like when personal blogs somehow stop being personal.
I'll start at the beginning of the year. In february I went to Lofoten to teach, as I have the past years, and in march I began to work as a graphic designer at an ad agency.  At first the job was really fun. It was my first real employment ever so I was very new to the environment. I had been unemployed for 8 months before that (after graduating university).

During the summer me and Robert made a roadtrip to Norway and later I went to visit my sister in Italy (I still haven't showed pictures from that, but I will :). After the vacation the job situation changed. I was involved in a really stressful project that left me with a strong migraine (one afternoon I couldn't walk straight, couldn't talk right, was numb in the left part of my body and had blurry eyesight). It wasn't a big deal in reality, I just had never experienced a strong migraine before, but it left me a little worried - that a working environment could effect your body that much (especially since an ambulance came to get me because they thought I was having a stroke).

Well, the migraine hasn't come back after that so all is well. But yes, after summer work wasn't as much fun and I could feel that we were loosing clients. In the end of september this was confirmed and we were told that 7 people had to leave the office. I was the newbie so of course I had to go. During my last month I looked for work almost every day and our creative director was very kind and did his best to recommend me to other places. Luckily I was offered a new spot at a smaller agency a few days ago. I start next week so this week I am free to do what I please.

It feels good to continue to a new place. I don't think that the agency I left was bad, but the economical situation effected the mood a lot and made it a difficult environment to be in. I know many people have experienced this in a working place, so I'm sure some of you know the feeling.

People ask me what my current personal art projects are... but I haven't got any yet. I want to force myself... and also I don't. Maybe I've been looking to much at other peoples work - and sometimes I just get the feeling that I don't know what I can contribute with anymore. I feel like everything's been done and that we're all just copying each other nowadays. Before ideas for illustrations and photographs used to pop up in my head, just like that, but now it's been blank for a while. If you have any words of wisdom concerning this creative stillness, please feel free to share :)
For an artist it's completely terrifying when the creative spark is gone. Because the creativity is so much in your personality. 

15 November 2013


Forest images from Skäralid (Kopparhatten) before the leaves went yellow.
If you want free shipping from my society6 shop you'll get it by going through THIS link. It's active until/through sunday (US time).

11 November 2013

Monday inspiration

Good morning!
Photos from my pinterestboards illustrations and landscapes.

09 November 2013

Introducing mugs

Society6 has added mugs as a new product. 

05 November 2013

The sea side

Simrishamn and Haväng during the last day of August.