26 October 2013

The 2014 calendar is here!!

I'm very happy to announce that next years calendar is up for sale!
It will be my last calendar... so it's now or never :)

It's definitely my favorite one so far.
I've only gone for the bigger format this year. 21x21 cm.
It's printed on 140 gram uncoated paper, produced from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers.

The price is 30 Euro (≈ 250 SEK) and shipping within Sweden is cheapest.
You don't have to pay with paypal, just choose that you don't have an account and you can proceed paying with your regular credit card.

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25 October 2013

Fox & squirrel

It's very rare to see foxes where I live... so when me and mum passed this little one on our way home it was a superbig moment for me :) He was living in a paddock with a lot of white cows.

It's been a rough couple of days, I've been informed that I'll have to leave my job in one month, so that plus some other things has made the future look really wobbly. I guess I just have to find a new path and keep going. 

22 October 2013

Apples & Pumpkins

My shops have free shipping until next week. Remember, if you want to give away a pillowcase or tote bag for christmas, it takes a few weeks before Society6 prints and sews them. When they ship to me in Sweden it has often taken about 4 weeks.
Links to Illustration-shop and Photography-shop.

Images above are from late august in the south-east of Sweden (√∂sterlen). 

20 October 2013


Roberts colleges dog Amy, a Podenco Canario. Really shy but super cute.

13 October 2013


Last of summer before autumn came.

07 October 2013

Fanny Latour-Lambert

Photographs by Fanny Latour-Lambert

Paris-based photographer Fanny Latour-Lambert... oh the photos have this feel to them. Really nice!

06 October 2013

New totebag design

Hi! I just saw that Society6 has changed the design of the totebags, it looks so much better now. Fun! Also the format is much better for my pictures. I ipad and iphone format can be really tricky to fit :(
You can find them here :)

03 October 2013

Wool texture

I like how the fur on fluffy animal necks can get this special texture. Here, I thought the sheep wool reminded me of these mushrooms. But I often look at the way Lollos fur packs together around the neck/throat. It becomes obvious that it's extra fluffy just there.

The photos are from about a week ago.

Tomorrow, in Sweden, it's cinnamon-buns day. Yaaaaaay :)