28 September 2013

27 September 2013

Norway - Part six

I love these old dark wooden churches. I've been googling Poland a bit for work lately and seen that they have some similar to the ones we saw in Norway. Does anyone else know countries that have these type of churches? 

25 September 2013

Skånes Djurpark

Me and my dad went to the zoo a week ago. We saw  little kids go into the bears nest to leave food. I thought the children would be the food. But nope it didn't happen.
Also I finally got to see the polar fox. They've always been napping when I've previously been there. Their fur looked like a chinchillas. I got a little jealous. I don't know why.

23 September 2013

Antarctic explorer

Illustration in the shop (free shipping this week too:)

I'm in the library. Perhaps I should try to find a shelf that I don't usually stare at. Not just go to the magical shelf with.... oh no. Wait a minute. Maybe I can find a book for grown ups. A book I will read on the train to work and that will make me really smart and say really interesting things when people least expect it. What's this one about? Depression. No thanks, next. Someone living on a tiny island working in a lighthouse... hmmm... sounds intriguing, wait a minute, it's all about his wife being hysteric that she can't get pregnant. What's this nonsense. I keep looking. Everything is very psychologically sad. I'm drawn to that shelf again. No one sees me. No one needs to know that I can't read a grown up novel. I'm there. I stare at the books. Arctic. Antarctic. Iceland. Greenland. Explorers with large beards looking very smart in the black and white photo. How did the make the photographs so beautiful a 100 years ago I wonder. How did the dare to travel somewhere so far away, somewhere so cold back in the day? I look at these people, their wonderful polardogs, their ships... and it's all so fascinating.
My new illustration is dedicated to them. It is also the last one that I needed in order to start with next years calendar.

Below: Quickly googled photos of some very cool antarctic explorers.

21 September 2013

Loosing your job

So, it looks like I'll be losing my job shortly - due to the companies economic situation.
It's a tricky situation. A part of me has been fearing this for a few weeks now since it's been in the air. And yesterday my fear was simply confirmed.
Of course, the position hasn't aloud me to fully use my creativity. So maybe this was simply ment to be and from here on I'll find something that will let my talent bloom more like a wild garden than a tiny flower in a pot.
I see something great happening in the future. Maybe my art will be able to become something more than just a hobby. Also, this could be a great lesson in "Loosing your job isn't the end of the world". Let's hope so :) At least autumn is here and the air is crisp and I have a cold so the season is very helpful.

I want to end this post with truly thanking the support from my followers.
Without you I might not have believed in my work the way I do today.
Thank you!

19 September 2013

Norway - part five

First photo from Ål, last from on top of Fuglesteg. The rest are just places found while driving.
Norway is pretty :)

16 September 2013


This illustration is based on photographer Jessica Silversagas instagram-photo. I made a few changes but all in all the illustration was born from her photo :)
Jessicas blog, homepage and instagram. Make sure to check them out because she's super talented!

The illustration on Society6.
Free shipping until September 22 if you go through THIS link :)

15 September 2013

Norway - Fredrikstad

Our first stop in Norway was in Fredrikstad. My godfather lives there so we had a place to stay for two nights. Around Fredrikstad are some great rocks by the sea. So beautifully sculptured.
And I love everything that involves fishing and fishing boats. There was a small harbor and as always I stare at the boats and dream away of the day that I'll be a fisherman. I should inform you though that I have an extremely romantic and unrealistic image of what the life of a fishermen would be. But I choose to keep it that way because it inspires my creativity :)

I can add that I haven't been the same after our schools one week killer whale safari out at sea. It was in 2006 when I was studying photography in Lofoten. Never showering and spending my days in a large overall on deck... staring at the horizon searching for whales. Seeing the most spectacular sundowns. Watching Titanic below deck that day it wouldn't stop raining.
I was in luck, because the year after mine the photoclasses stopped doing one week safaris :(

12 September 2013

Travelling & Drawing

Whilst traveling me and Robert often prioritize photography and taking time to draw. Although Robert's a bit disappointed that I'm not into kiting, surfing, snowboarding and skating like he is, I'm happy that we have this creative bit in common. Traveling with someone who doesn't want to stop all the time to photograph is tricky because you really feel like you're slowing the company down.
Both photography and drawing steals a lot of time so it's nice when you're with someone that shares that interest. 

10 September 2013

Norway - Part three

These are a little mixed, 1,3,4 are from...somewhere after Sogndal maybe, 2 is from Flåm, and 5-6 are from Ål.

08 September 2013

That little cottage...

I'm happy you like my photos from Norway, there's more to come up :)
And so inspired by the Norwegian little cottages, I recently drew this illustration.
It's the kind of house I would like to have on the countryside. Really tiny and with a tree growing on the grass roof.
Do you have a dream summer-house?

07 September 2013

Norway - part two

These photos are from Ål but one(the fifth photo) is from the car window when we were headed towards Lom, our last stop.

05 September 2013

Gifts from Robert

What can I say, Robert has always known just the right things to give me.
I've been wanting pretty stamps for a long time, I'll use these daily when I'll be sending my calendar-orders this winter. I just love pretty packaging. I can't believe how little effort most people put in their envelopes when they send letters.

When Robert came from Marocco he gave me this teapot. At first I didn't understand that it was for me. I guess that's how it gets when guys quickly unload things from their bag. So at first he thought I didn't like it because I never said "wooow, thank you!". But I do like it.
However, it's been more used as a flower pot than a teapot :)