31 August 2013


When I studied photography in Lofoten Fredrik Ödman was our photoshop teacher.
I visited his house and new baby girl a few moths back. And of course I can't resist to post some pictures from his house :)
I was very honored to discover that Fredrik's photo of me hung in the entrance of the house. In another room there were two lovely foxes. He has recently published a book called "bent stories" which is from a long project of photographing bananas (sort of like my dog-project that never ends). The last photo is from his desk, I love that his house is like his photos. Don't miss to check out his series "composed animals" on his homepage, those are my favorites!

29 August 2013

Foxes in love

If you have a special one in your life, today is as god a day as any to pay them a little extra attention :)

27 August 2013

Goodbye little creatures

Animals from the summer that have left earth for heaven.

24 August 2013

Tim Walkers book

Photobook by Tim Walker

I finally got Tim Walkers book on my birthday last spring.
It's filled with magical photos but I wish that there was even more actually! Even though the book is very big I thought he had thrown out too many of his good ones :) Never the less, it's absolutely brilliant.

22 August 2013

There's a huge squirrel....

... close to were I live.
I have all intensions in creating one of these myself in my future garden. Yes please!
During winter I always make huge snow sculptures in my dad's garden... but they often disappear within a few days. The neighbors love them. They sneak into our garden and photograph them. It makes my art feel very exciting :)

20 August 2013

A naive little lion

Naive lion. Very inspired by Tove Janssons moomin comic when the moominvalley turns into a jungle.
Available on Society6. And there's free shipping until sunday on all products :)

18 August 2013

Striking a pose with Lollo

Now that I live with Robert I don't get to see Lollo as often as before.
I miss his little nose and his little paws :)