29 April 2013

Beautiful Lana

More old photos of my mum!
I can be quite brag-ish about my parents. But I think that's better than being rude about them :)

I'm very proud of them because me and my sister have had a great upbringing with a lot of humor and love. They have worked hard to have the jobs they do today (dad's a surgeon and mum's in economics). They practically started our family in a shed-like little hut in Latvia. And by a fortunate series of events we had the possibility of coming to Sweden when dad was offered a job at the hospital here.

So mum and dad, thanks for all the things you've done for me and my sister :)

28 April 2013


It's been a while since I did a self-portrait so I decided to wrap the scarf Robert got me from Morocco around me and make something simple. Among the bunch the best photo was unfortunately were I looked the saddest. The other ones just weren't expressing very much :/
Oh well, what to do what to do....

How's your weekend been?
I've been moving all my stuff so my head feels a little exhausted.

25 April 2013

Mina lives here

She has my little sami fox pillow in her vintage sofa.

I'm super jealous of her little blue carpet. She knows. She keeps an careful eye on it while I'm visiting. So that I don't steal it and then run my way ;)

A friend of hers came by with the fox with dresses iphone shell.

Free shipping thru sunday :)

24 April 2013

FREE Shipping Thru Sunday!

Hello Darlings!
Thank you for the birthday greetings, you're super sweet.
My co-worker Ulla showed up one day with one of my shells :) It's the one on the photo above, for iphone 4.

My shop has free shipping until sunday night! 

I'm considering getting a t-shirt this time...hu hu huuu :)

23 April 2013

25 years

Today I'm turning 25  :)
On the photos above is my beautiful mother, probably around 27 years old, and little me with my sisters teddy. My mother recently brought more old photos that grandma wanted to get rid of. I found this among them, I love how mum looks like a nymph from a John Bauer fairy tale. I'm going to post some more photos from her youth soon :) Hihihihi.

21 April 2013

From the phone

I'm not really an instagram user, I'm not comfortable enough to show everything I photograph to everyone... and I already share so much of myself on other sites. Also I haven't really understood if you can choose which photos to publish and which to stay private? Or is it just choosing public or private for al photos?

Well, the last week I've used it a little bit. Pictures 1,2,4 and 5 are all taken on my way to work. And picture 3 is of course little Loollooooo :)
The weekend really swooshed by this time! I celebrated my birthday in the forest with some friends today, it's on tuesday really but who has time to go to the forest then :) ?

18 April 2013

Who lives here?

"Pretty House" in my shop

This illustration has been traveling with me for 2 weeks now, always in my bag but I never found time to finish it. The longer it's with me the more unsure I am of when it's actually finished. I know my boyfriend has this problem. He doesn't know when to stop drawing on his pictures. When do you know that it's actually done?
Hm, we've decided that we just have to say STOP and then that's that :)

You've been leaving such nice comments lately. I especially liked this anonymous one:

I really love your...I don't know, style? Your drawings are so beautiful and whimsical. When I go onto your blog it always feels like fall or winter. Like roasting marshmallows over a fire. What would you say is your inspiration for your artwork? (Both Photography and Drawing)

I love the feeling that my blog would give the sensation of roasting marshmallows over a fire :)
As for inspiration, I usually answer the forest and fairytales. But I don't actually read that much tales. Often I just see things around me that I write down in a book. After a while I put all those things together that I have taken a liking to and consider if they could become an illustration or photo. If you look through my pinterest it becomes quite clear what inspires me :)

17 April 2013

The white tent #2

Today, Gizmo, turning 13 next month, joined Laura by her tent. Gizmo is 75% Samoyed and 25% Karelian Bear Dog. The were both gorgeous and super patient :)

Joggers and guys with their crazy mountain bikes didn't really pay the models any respect and just cruised boldly by Gizmo almost crushing his tale. Hah... I would never have disturbed a photograph like that. It's not like we were on the only path. This is on a sub-path. The real path is 10 meters behind me.

13 April 2013

Pretty Inspiration

Photograph by Marianne (Last name unknown) - her flickr maridesign

I've been browsing a lot of cottages and houses on the internet lately.
This one was so funny. The photographer claims that it's shaped like that because of the wind.

Photographer unknown
Source: Private Disarray

Lamp posts are covered in ice in the Adriatic coastal town of Senj, Croatia on February 7, 2011.
So pretty, don't you think?

Photographer unknown

12 April 2013

Lisets cup

Order from boyfriend to girlfriend.
(See it on her blog here)
Rather sweet :)
Painting porcelain is fun too!
There's a little kitten on the inside too, but you can't see it here ;)

11 April 2013

Spring spreading its wings

Sometimes you can see it.
Especially when the blackbird is sitting on the edge of a rooftop and singing its springtune.
When the wind stops blowing you can smell it.
You can feel it by freezing and sweating several times a day. It's like the weather can't make up it's mind.
But change is in the air. April is here and so spring will come soon!

09 April 2013

Borzoi, Xoloitzcuintle & Saluki

A few more beauties from the dogshow.
I don't want to bore you with 100 photos from the show, it's just that I photographed so much and I sometimes forget that everyone isn't as fascinated by dogs as I :)
I liked how most owners had tassels on the collars to their salukis... it made them look super elegant!
Gosh, I hope all my readers have had the pleasure of seeing salukis run over an open field, their movement is like a dance.

08 April 2013

Illustrated Pillows :)

Hoo-hoo what's this then?
My own little pillows :)
I think they work pretty well as gifts so I ordered a few to give away.
I'm so happy Society6 added this as an option.

FREE shipping until sunday with THIS promo link!

(remember; the 16, 18 & 20 inches option would be 40, 45 & 50 cm)

07 April 2013

Mira with birds

This will be the last post from Öland for now. Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit the family again soon :)

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. Make sure to leave a comment and tell us about it in case something utterly interesting happened :)

06 April 2013

More from Öland

Ölands beaches are covered with piles of flat stones. So while living here they have managed to find quite a few flat mummified animals between the stones. Unfortunately, the had thrown out the flat rat they once found :)

Old cottages here and there with fancy things in the windows. A lot of the things that I like in Lofoten are here too. Old tiny wooden boats. Glass objects. Cold sea life.

Mira found this little mouse in a pond by a stone. We gave him a funeral and then we went back home.

I would love a little house like this somewhere! You don't need much more :) A little place you visit during summer that's filled with memories and interesting findings from the past summers adventures.

Drawing, eating apples on bread and looking through the flower book.
I'm staring to regret making the bureau so dark in the unicorn illustration. Beh! But I'm gonna let it be and use less biro in my next illustration instead.

05 April 2013

Mira, now and then

We were in front of the fireplace and I remembered that we should make a similar picture that we did of her 5 years ago. She's eleven in the top photo and six or seven in the bottom one.
Haha, I told her about the time I shot the bottom photo. Mira was sitting in front of the fireplace and I saw the gorgeous light from the fire reflecting through her hair and yelled "Mira you have to stay put because I have to get my camera!"
And Mira replied "No, you have to pay me"
Surprised, I said "Alright I'll give you 5 kronor"
"No, make it 10"
Kids today! She doesn't remember blackmailing me.
It was totally worth 10 kronor though. 

04 April 2013


 This was the source of warmth! Since this is mostly a summerhouse we had to keep an eye on the fire non stop. After a walk outside in the cold windy landscape it was so nice to drag a chair in front of the fireplace and feel your cheeks coming back to life.

Old skates on the wall. So lovely. Strange how the design of skates is so boring today. With all the retro-mania I think skates with an old design, in brown leather, would sell like crazy!

 Here's the house! I love blue doors on red houses :)
It was grey and cold outside, just the way I like it. Compared to other people, I can actually get in a rather bad mood if the sun is shiny really bright with no clouds in the sky.

 Mira practicing braiding with my hair. I tried teaching her everyone I knew but I know that I takes a lot of practicing and patients before you can get it right and be able to do it yourself on your own hair. I'm so used to braiding my own hair that I sometimes find it difficult to make some braids on others. Especially the tiara-braid.

You should have seen my face when I found these on the fridge!! These are swedish stamps from 2005. You see... since I post A LOT of letters during my calendar selling period I'm always looking for really nice cosy stamps with animals. However, although Sweden has been really good at producing stamps with animal pictures - during the recent years they have become terrible at it. Furious, I went to the library and looked through stamp-lexikons (nerd-Uli alert) to see how stamps have looked through times in scandinavia and other parts of the world. Sweden has had SO many adorable animal stamps. But now, when I'm sending more packages than ever, I can only get crap-stamps. Oh the irony.

My gift to the children. I forced Mira and Matiss to put down their technology and paint some animals :)

03 April 2013

Mira with owl

I went to Öland during easter.
I met this little beauty that I last photographed when she was six years old. So fun to meet her now when she's eleven. Mira's hair has grown so long and I finally had someone to make braids on :)
I braided her hair and then she braided mine and then we ate candy in front of the fireplace while the wind blew cold outside. It was a really nice weekend and I'll post more photos soon. 

01 April 2013

The chubby unicorn, the narwhal & the dog

There once lived a chubby unicorn, a small dog and a narwhal in an apartment.
The narwhal liked to bake pretzels and the unicorn liked to read.
The dog however, hadn't really found a hobby. He was walking around the apartment, not really knowing what to do with his time. He tried reading some of the unicorns books but they where too boring. He tried making pretzels with the narwhal but his just ended up looking like dogpoo.

One day,  the chubby unicorn needed more money for books and the narwhal needed more money for salt so they decided to rent out the apartments smallest room. Their new roommate was a cat with backache. He had a tough job lifting cheese into shelves. He needed a special mattress to sleep on or his back would hurt. The cat was really friendly but he was constantly complaining about his back.

One rainy day the chubby unicorn was reading about kittens (in order to understand their new roommate better) and the narwhal was resting on the bureau drying his pretzels. The cat was lying on the rug trying to stretch his back. The dog was just walking around, not knowing what to do.
He walked up to the cat and started to rub his back. The cat purred and the dog was really happy that he was doing something useful. He kept on rubbing the cats back for an hour and then the cat told him that it didn't hurt anymore.

After that, everyone who lived in the apartment knew what to do with their time. The chubby unicorn kept on reading. The narwhal kept baking pretzels. And the dog spend his time massaging the cats back after the cats long days lifting cheese on shelves.

The print can be purchased HERE
The pictures below are from my process.