27 February 2013


Greetings to you from north!
Half the week has soon gone by. I find myself being alarmingly tired after only a few hours teaching. That's how it goes when you've done nothing for a while I guess. I can't believe that I have to answer "7 years ago" when students ask when I was a student here.
At the same time I'm really happy that I feel different. That young, attention-seeking person I remember myself being here has really calmed down. I find aging very charming! I totally get how that blonde vampire in Twilight gets depressed by being stuck in time :) (hah!)
This evening I'm forcing my students to watch Peter Pan in order to get friendly with their childish self before they shoot the task. Hmm... I'll see if anyone shows up. I'll be there! I love the girl who plays Wendy in the 2003 year version. She's so wonderfully sweet.
Ok, just wanted to say hi! I'll see if I'll shoot anything proper here this year. Sometimes the inspiration just doesn't strike.


22 February 2013

Going away

So on sunday and heading north and I'm staying away for a week.
I'll be teaching photography and watching the rain wash the mountains.
When I get home I'll finally start my job, I am so looking forward to that. The creative director called me today and said that I'll probably be sitting with graphic designer Ulla. Ulla and Uli, I thought that was funny.

My shops have free shipping until sunday, I've tried to add clearer banners on the right section of the blog.

18 February 2013

Wonka Valley

A friend of mine asked if I could paint a Willy Wonka inspired picture for the wall in her sons room. They will order it as a wallpaper and I sure am curious to see the result. It's a tilted roof in the left upper corner, hence the blank space. 

09 February 2013

Happy Weekend

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, remember, you only get one this week, so take good care of it. 

06 February 2013

Free Shipping

I think I need to take a little creative break to clear my head.

While I do that, I just wanted to say that you get free shipping through THIS link in my illustration shop.
Use THIS link for the photography shop.

Promotion expires February 10, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time. (Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert)

03 February 2013

A big fat THANK YOU!

Photograph sent to me from follower Tova Andersson

Before christmas I asked if people who had my work in their home if they could send me a picture of it. I got this photo from Tova and in the left bottom corner you can see the last years calendar.

I googled myself today only to realize that it's been a while since I did it. A lot of new pages appeared, blogs that shared my work and wrote the sweetest things about me. And so I thought... how often do I stop and appreciate this? That people have my pictures and calendars in their home and that they spread my work through the enormous internet giving me the chance to be seen? Not often enough!
So this sunday morning, I would like to send love to all my followers and tell you that your support is amazing.
When I started this blog in 2008 I had about 5 followers. The years went on and I had 20-40 followers. Even though no one was really looking I just kept going. Then I collected a few more followers by being mentioned by Camilla Engman and Annette Pehrsson (a very big thanks to those two talented ladies). Then I sent out my calendars to a few bloggers and was mentioned by ladies like Elsa Billgren, Stefany Alves and Rebecka Bjurmell. And finally when The Girl with 7 Horses was found on pages like booooooom, My love for you and AnOther I found myself having more followers than 5 years ago... when I had 5.

So, without the help from other blogs and homepages I would of course never really have been seen. So it's so important that we support each other and have the courage to talk about someone else but ourselves on our sites. I was so happy to see that after I mentioned Katerina Plotnikova her facebook page got over 1000 more likes just within a few days. 

So thank you thank you for your love and support!
A big thanks to the people who have mentioned me on their sites.
Thank you for the sweet emails from grandchildren wanting to send my calendar to their grandmother and asking if they can get it signed, or boyfriends who want to give it to their girlfriend on their anniversary. I feel like I get to share little moments in other peoples lives.

And don't take all this for granted, but I need to remind myself now and then what I'm able to actually share with so many other people.

02 February 2013

Photography Shop

Now and then I get emails where people ask why I don't sell photographs on Society6. I made that choice because I thought the shop looked rather messy with both illustrations and photography. However, I realized that I could just make a separate shop for my photography.
So now it's open!

The photography shop is here
The illustration shop is here
And if you type "Kestere" in the search field you can see both shops products

01 February 2013

Tea Party Playlist

The weekend is approaching and you know what it's time for then? Not partying or drinking, but tea partying! I mean, you can totally see on the photo above how crazy wild me and Lollo were tea partying. It was beyond. The neighbors came by and told us to take a chill pill.

I have actually made you (yes you) a Ulis Tea Party playlist.
It's the great slow and cozy background music when you have your friends over for tea and cake and boardgames, or when you have no friends and "party" with your cat - like me.
Here it is ---> Ulis Tea Party

Tonight I will be making pumpkin pie and raspberry panna cotta, and yes I will actually have some friends over because I'm not always alone with Lollo... or am I? Will I in fact be eating three plates of panna cotta and making up new names for my invisible friends?? You'll never know!