31 January 2013

It's windy outside...

It's really blowing like crazy and I think I'm gonna take the car and drive to the sauna that's 500 meter out in the ocean... just so I can see the water being really angry and the ice not knowing where to go. I might not jump into the ocean this time though. I'm afraid the waves would kidnap me.

Lollo is dreaming on this photograph. Sometimes he's chewing like crazy when he dreams... I wonder if he's dreaming about eating my head?

29 January 2013

Alone in a boat

Alone in a boat, that's what I am this week. Robert is away and I find myself having a hard time filling the hours with activities. I'm used to calling him when I feel the loneliest, but now I just have to take care of myself... meeh! And silly as I am I saw The note book yesterday, well Robert isn't really a fan of romantic movies.... but actually, watching a romantic movie with my boyfriend is one of the best things I know! But since he doesn't agree that that's the best thing ever I often end up watching them alone and then later I just feel sad because I can't hug someone. Hah, does anyone else feel like that?

27 January 2013

The happy village

I start working in 5 weeks and I figured I would use that time to practice coloring on the computer. I found this old sketch on the blog and thought it would be a good start. Heh... didn't really think that it would take as long as it did... but the more I do it the quicker I'll get I guess.
I wanted to make a picture without outlines, since I so seldom do.
In the beginning of autumn I got my first illustration freelance job, which was to do 4 illustrations for Björnekullas homepage. Björnekulla is a company that makes jam and I sort of got the job by accident during my last day of the internship at the ad agency in Malmö. Although I've never really drawn on the computer I decided to do the illustrations in PS... but it turned out ok.

Anywhoooo... as most my drawings, I've added this to the shop too, thought it would be fun as a t-shirt maybe? Or as a pillow for a kids room. I decided to make the t-shirt version in black and white, it looked to kindergardeny otherwise :)

26 January 2013

The story of Lollo

Born in the Italian countryside, Lollos mother had been around the block.
Lollo comes from a big family. Many sister, brothers and cousins. And they keep coming. They were surrounded with pizza, warmth and loudly speaking people.

When my sister went looking for a cat, a friend informed her of his mothers cat that kept having kittens and this one little thing that no one wanted. Little Lollo. Small and unwanted. Do you see that picture to the left? Do you see the size of the leaf and then the size of Lollo? Do you see that he's small as a leaf??

The kitten was named Louis by my sister that lived in Turin at the moment. She lived on the top floor of a large apartment building with a bunch of Italian roomies. Their balcony was 30 cm from the edge of a church roof... so that was were Louis spent all his day. On the roof of a church. No other cat interaction.
When my sister went away for a few weeks her roommates fed Louis italian style and my sister came home to a very fat cat. Louis was put on a strict diet but the little pouch would never disappear... and even today we can see that little bellybag from his fat Italian days.

Louis lived a stress-free life filled with warmth, food and lots of parties were he was given a lot of attention. Completely unaware of his faith that would lead him to cold scandinavia...
Well nothing lasts forever, and so the day came when the landlord decided to renovate the whole building and sell the apartments to rich fancy people. Tess got Louis a passport and then one day he was crawling into our hallway in Sweden, paralyzed with fear.
Louis made sure he managed to pee in everyones beds before he hid under my sisters bed for a week or two.

Not only a new country but also new meetings. Louis who hadn't been interacting with other cats before had to learn about showing who's the boss of the backyard and also when to just stand in the window and make duck-sounds at trespassers.

Shiny paper and various strings were great object to attack in order to free the frustration of being pulled away from his home country. After a year or so, my sister left for Italy again but Louis stayed behind. I thought Lollo or Lolliti or Lollis were better names to call this little thing. So guests think that he's a girl and also that he's pregnant because of the pouch.

Today Lollo has lived longer in Sweden than in Italy. Snow still scares him because it means that he can't poo outside. The wind scares him because it's something unknown. The vacuum cleaner is satan.
My sister has a new cat, Lea, and Lollo is now something of a grumpy Swedish farmer type. He is very pretty although his mood is unpredictable. Also he's very funny when he makes duck-sounds or when he sneezes like a little girl. 

23 January 2013

Dreams come true

Yesterday I finally got the call I have been waiting for for 2 weeks.
I got the job.
If you've ever been unemployed for more than 6 months you know that this is a pretty big deal. A really big deal actually! You can stop worrying and being completely unaware of how your future will look.

I am very happy to share these news with you, as from march, I will be working at an advertisement agency in Helsingborg. I originally applied for a job as a graphic designer, but to my luck the Create Director, Art Director and Managing Director all liked my versatility so I'm rather being hired as a photographer/illustrator/designer... oh just a bit of everything. I'll probably be doing some photo retouching and perhaps some simpler films as well.

The younger you are, the more you dream about being an artist sitting alone in your loft all day painting and looking in magazines that have interviews with you. But the older you get, you realize that human contact and a little bit routine actually makes you happier. At least it's like that for me. I met a freelance illustrator yesterday during an interview and she was all Oh don't bother about safety! Don't think about money, take a few jobs and study some classes in between. I informed her that I had been studying for 6 years and that I actually wanted to get on with things. I want to have an every day job, colleagues and enough money so that I can finally buy a place and live with my boyfriend. But in the creative world it's often a little taboo to think like this because safety is the opposite of crazy creativity. Haha... oh well...

My shop has free shipping until sunday!
The top photo can be viewed larger on my facebook page

21 January 2013

Frozen weekend

I hope you took care of your weekend, because today we have arrived to a new week.
As you can see I went iceskating with some friends and my neighbors dog Holly this weekend. We skated on a smaller "pond" that had a little bit of snow on it. The next day I went to the sea with my dad to skate and there was even better ice. Usually the ocean is last to freeze, but now our lakes only have a thin crust of ice and the sea is freezing up. As you can read, things are cray-zay in Sweden ;)

18 January 2013

The weekend is approaching...

... take good care of it!

16 January 2013

Snow brought sun

Yesterday we woke up and saw that the grey had turned into white again. And with snow comes cold, and with cold comes sun. Yesterday was rather foggy but today we've had sun all day. But it's a pretty pale and cold sun.
I loaded the car with props and drove of to a nearby small forest (Billebjer and Dalby Söderskog). When I got to the forest I wasn't really in the mood to stage a photo with all the props so I just went for a really long walk instead. I saw a group of freakishly large hares run through the forest and then I noticed a track of tiny paws in the snow... probably from a cat. So I followed them for a really long time, around the lake, up on the hill, down the hill, by the horses... but in the end the paws disappeared in to a barn. So I never saw the little animal. The tracks were so fresh though so I really hoped to see him. However, later on I got to cuddle with the pretty orange cat on the photos above.

I'm waiting for a reply concerning a job. Do you know that feeling? When you can't really motivate yourself to do something because you just want to know the answer so you know how to proceed? I feel like someone has pulled the brakes on me, before I know yes or no I'll be standing rather still. Sigh...

15 January 2013

Remembering warmth

I'm not so much a summer person. But in january you start to wonder what the sun looks like... because you hardly ever see her. It's just grey grey grey. If you have a full-time job I think the darkness gets to you more. Especially if you work in a place with no windows. Then you would go to work when it's dark and come home in the dark. Like an owl. Hoot hoot.
When I lived in Lofoten the winters were even darker than here. In january we had what they called the bluehour. For an hour or two during the day... it went from dark to darkblue... like in a cloudy twilight. That was the lightest it would get. For a photographer, this was rather frustrating. So many of us spent those days in the dark room.
However, once spring comes to Lofoten it just gets lighter and lighter until the sun never sets. I worked at a restaurant in Lofoten during the summer. If I ended my shift at 01.30 A.M I would still be walking home with the sun on my face. That was really nice!

14 January 2013

Monday cuteness

For all of you going to work, here's some cuteness to start the week with.
For the rest of us poor unemployed suckers, try and do something productive with your day :)

13 January 2013

From the portfolio

I've decided not to show actual spreads from my portfolio, mainly because of the amount of copycats out there. When you've put 2 months on making something perfect it would feel pretty annoying if someone just ripped your design right of. 

However, the pictures above where all used in the portfolio, I did some food-photography and designed recipe-spreads. I made up a company called "Nordisk Choklad" and designed their layout, packages and made some product photography. I also designed tea packages and honey labels. Then I did travel-spreads that could be in a magazine and a design for a bakery...among a few things.

By the way - do you see that big fat jar of honey? That's a 5 kg jar. I brought home two of those this summer from Latvia. It was the best honey. I finished the first jar this autumn. And then... somewhere around new years eve... something truly terrible happened. I hadn't gotten around to opening the last jar yet. And then by some bad misplacement, the jar was put way to close to the edge of the shelf it stood on...and so its somewhat sticky glass got stuck to the cabinet door and so when opened the jar fell like a big fat watermelon down and SMASHED into the kitchen floor. 5 kg of honey and sticky glass was slowly spreading under the refrigerator and into my socks.
It took forever to clean up. And now I've got no honey for spring ;-(

12 January 2013

Fog & A Camel

In the forest and at the zoo.

11 January 2013

Blue painted plate

My mum really likes blue porcelain, as do I, so I painted her a plate with my porcelain colors. She thought it looked like the center of a sunflower.

10 January 2013

Upside-down landscapes

A month back or so I was in the forest with Robert and we found this little pond that reflected the nature around it in such a beautiful way.
It looks interesting when you flip the photos as well. 

07 January 2013

Philosophical pipe-smoking cat

This illustration is purchasable in my shop, FREE shipping untill sunday with this link!

As you can see by the process, I've been changing my mind about the cat a few times. This picture has been flopping around for moths, I haven't been sure if I should finish it or not. But this morning I did and I'm happy I did :)

The photo of the castle high up on a stony hill was what set the idea for the location.

02 January 2013

Where to look 2013?

I've been thinking a lot about writing some goals for 2013. It's just I have a difficult time separating how to live and think-goals and what to achieve-goals.
I want to write; create less and relax more. Enjoy the little things.
But instead I end up writing draw this draw that start that project... etc
It's like a friend of mine said, smart people can be incredibly stupid. In this case me referring to myself as smart since I can produce these projects, yet being very stupid because I refuse to realize that too many projects actually only break down my self esteem when I don't find time to start or finish them all.

Do you have any smart goals for the new year?