01 December 2013

Silhouette illustrations for M.A.T.

Since City Cross new food store M.A.T. has opened this wednesday I thought it might be ok that I show the parts were I've been involved. My former workplace was in charge of most of the creative shaping of this store. I got kicked into the project almost at the end and was asked to make the illustrations for fruits and veggies, meats, family- and dog parking etc. They wanted a rough sprayed silhouette style. Might not be much from my personal style but it's still cool to see it in the actual store.

It's called M.A.T. and this is what it looks like from the outside. That my little chicken on the big sign :)

The copper lamps are such a great detail in the store.

 The little piggy for "Köttmästeriet" is mine, also there's a cow on the other side.

There was a paper printed for the bread boxes were they had combined some of my illustrations (and some of their own).

My photograph of Kärnan in Helsingborg, color reduced and then pampered a bit by another illustrator.

This illustration isn't entirely mine but also another illustrators. It always gets a little messy in an ad agency. You do a sketch, then an illustrator continoues, and then suddenly when you have the finished work the client wants it to look more like the sketch. So I change the original. Then it's hard to say who's done what in the end. 


  1. Love them!

    Also I just ordered your calendars and it made me pretty happy. :)

  2. Väldigt fint och inspirerande blogg. Har du gått någon utbildning, isf vad och var? :-) är intresserad att plugga grafisk design själv, men vet inte vilken skola.