03 December 2013

November isn't grey in Haväng

Last weekend me and Robert made a road trip to the east side of Skåne. First we visited this little waterfall but later we drove to Haväng. It was such a beautiful afternoon. No wind and the beach was almost empty. We went into the pineforest that's alongside the beach... and everything was still so green and you couldn't feel that it was november. Then two girls came riding through the forest on pretty brown horses and the hooves mades these calming muffled sounds when galloping on the moss.
Every time I've visited Haväng it's been so magical. 


  1. oh I love the first picture. also I want to congratulate you with your works for M.A.T. that's amazing. you have a lovely style

  2. All three pictures make a beautiful set together, perfect to hang on the wall<3

  3. The tree photograph is gorgeous! Your so talented Uli :)