18 December 2013

Calendars & mittens

Top photo, this years calendar - november illustration. 
Bottom photo: traditional patterns for Latvian mittens. 

Do you also get this annoying hole in your mittens thumb from biking? I hold the handle in a way that rubs the inner thumb. Whaaat? All my beautiful latvian mittens have holes in their thumbs.
And then I'm just to lazy to patch them so I stop using them. Or sometimes I use them with an inner glove. These are grand problems.

I've been at my new job for 2,5 weeks now. It's strange changing environment like that, with just a few days between my new and old job. It felt really weird at first. But now I'm getting used to the new environment and things feel better. Today I was in the forest all day for a photoshoot, it's pretty there now. The birch trees are so purple when you see them all together. And the green mossy glades don't disappear during the winter months :) 


  1. hade önskat mig din kalender i julklapp och fick den. nu hänger den i köket och inväntar januari. ska bli fint att ha de fina bilderna på väggen ett år framöver! hoppas du har en bra jul och nyår