28 November 2013

Society6 baby clothes & free shipping

Hey guys, it's so funny, Society6 announced that they now have kids t-shirts and onesies and then on one of the photos I thought.... wait a minute...who's pillow is that?? And it was mine! I thought that was pretty cool....since there are soooo many artists on Society6. The Fox on fishing boat pillow really is one of the best I think. I gave one to my mum and my mum gave another one to her friend with a boat. He really liked it too.

Also they have free shipping this week. I don't know if they'll have it again before christmas. Just a heads up. I hate nagging about my shop, but I know that some do use the free shipping moments. It's not like my earnings are high, but I love that it's a way for my work to be spread and seen by more people. That itself is worth a lot :)

I have some photographer friends that have opened a society6 shop... but photos are almost impossible to sell. I think I've sold 5 photos or something on my photography shop. Illustrations really attract more people.
And as goes for art on products, I definitely think that the pillows is the best one for my pictures. The least suiting are t-shirts. Also t-shirts give me the lowest profit, about 1,80 dollars... which would be 12SEK. For artists on the sites, we can't choose our profit on products, we always get 10%. Only on prints can we choose the earnings - so I usually add something between a 6 and 10 dollar profit.
But one of the most stupid things are that they don't ship to Latvia. What's that about? They ship to Lithuania and Estonia... I'll have to email then about this... again :P


  1. I've just bought and recieved your Sami Fox iphone case, it looks great! I probably spend more time looking at the case of my phone now than the screen! Thank you!

    1. Haha :) I also got the sami fox case for my iPhone... but it was for my workphone so now I don't have a phone to attach it to anymore :(

  2. Please, please keep bugging them about the options to ship to Latvia! You have lot of fans here.

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  4. Thank you for mentioning. I want to buy a tote bag but can't do that as i live somewhere in Latvia