25 October 2013

Fox & squirrel

It's very rare to see foxes where I live... so when me and mum passed this little one on our way home it was a superbig moment for me :) He was living in a paddock with a lot of white cows.

It's been a rough couple of days, I've been informed that I'll have to leave my job in one month, so that plus some other things has made the future look really wobbly. I guess I just have to find a new path and keep going. 


  1. Lovely photos, as always.
    Good luck with the wobbly things. They happen, they aren't good, but things will get balanced again. And maybe that new balance will bring more good things.

  2. These two are ones I could rest my eyes on over again and again. Thank you for capturing beautiful things. Good luck with your new path. I hope it leads to wonderful new things, and that the journey is just as great.

  3. Tänker på dig nu & då, när jag står vid väggen o målar o målar...
    Hoppas verkligen att det snart ordnar sig för dig.

    1. Tack Josefina. Jag tänkte faktiskt också på dig bara häromdagen, tänkte att jag borde fråga hur det går med väggen... jättekul att höra att du tänker satsa på att måla den själv. Kommer säkert bli supert :)

  4. Hang in there, Uli, you are multiple talented and have a lot to offer this world!

  5. It is scary when things are unknown, but exciting too! I'm sure you will find a fantastic opportunity that suits you and your talents. I love the new calendar!