25 September 2013

Skånes Djurpark

Me and my dad went to the zoo a week ago. We saw  little kids go into the bears nest to leave food. I thought the children would be the food. But nope it didn't happen.
Also I finally got to see the polar fox. They've always been napping when I've previously been there. Their fur looked like a chinchillas. I got a little jealous. I don't know why.


  1. Woow this looks like an awesome day! Haha sounds pretty dangerous for the childen thoughxx

  2. Wauw .... Wauw, wauw, wauw, Ulrika! I'm so so happy that I randomly found your blog, and subscribed. You and your pictures and your drawings and your texts and your creativity and and .... Such and amazing blog, Im happy that it's a successful one, because i really think it derserves that. lots of love, kristine ♥