15 September 2013

Norway - Fredrikstad

Our first stop in Norway was in Fredrikstad. My godfather lives there so we had a place to stay for two nights. Around Fredrikstad are some great rocks by the sea. So beautifully sculptured.
And I love everything that involves fishing and fishing boats. There was a small harbor and as always I stare at the boats and dream away of the day that I'll be a fisherman. I should inform you though that I have an extremely romantic and unrealistic image of what the life of a fishermen would be. But I choose to keep it that way because it inspires my creativity :)

I can add that I haven't been the same after our schools one week killer whale safari out at sea. It was in 2006 when I was studying photography in Lofoten. Never showering and spending my days in a large overall on deck... staring at the horizon searching for whales. Seeing the most spectacular sundowns. Watching Titanic below deck that day it wouldn't stop raining.
I was in luck, because the year after mine the photoclasses stopped doing one week safaris :(


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