23 September 2013

Antarctic explorer

Illustration in the shop (free shipping this week too:)

I'm in the library. Perhaps I should try to find a shelf that I don't usually stare at. Not just go to the magical shelf with.... oh no. Wait a minute. Maybe I can find a book for grown ups. A book I will read on the train to work and that will make me really smart and say really interesting things when people least expect it. What's this one about? Depression. No thanks, next. Someone living on a tiny island working in a lighthouse... hmmm... sounds intriguing, wait a minute, it's all about his wife being hysteric that she can't get pregnant. What's this nonsense. I keep looking. Everything is very psychologically sad. I'm drawn to that shelf again. No one sees me. No one needs to know that I can't read a grown up novel. I'm there. I stare at the books. Arctic. Antarctic. Iceland. Greenland. Explorers with large beards looking very smart in the black and white photo. How did the make the photographs so beautiful a 100 years ago I wonder. How did the dare to travel somewhere so far away, somewhere so cold back in the day? I look at these people, their wonderful polardogs, their ships... and it's all so fascinating.
My new illustration is dedicated to them. It is also the last one that I needed in order to start with next years calendar.

Below: Quickly googled photos of some very cool antarctic explorers.


  1. Wow I love it and your inspiration is so cool, I honestly love it all. I honestly have no idea how they dealt with the cold!xx

  2. I wish I had money so I could by a tote bag with this print on. But I don't, at the moment. The life of the freelance...

  3. amazing. this blog is all kinds of gorgeous.

  4. Du känns som att du skulle gilla John Ajvide Lindqvist, eller jag relaterar jättemycket till dina bilder när jag läser hans böcker för de är så späckade med naturbeskrivningar (fast inte på det tråkiga deckarserie-ordbajseri-sättet sättet), utspelar sig ofta i skogen/skärgården och har en lite övernaturlig john bauer-anda. Sen blir det automatiskt att jag tänker på hans noveller om jag kollar på din blogg :)

  5. annasundberg@telia.comOctober 19, 2013 at 10:26 PM

    Hej! Jag undrar om du fortfarande säljer prints från the girl with the seven horses-fotografierna? Har för mig att de fanns på din shop men jag kanske är för sent ute? Med vänlig hälsning, Anna