05 July 2013

Stefan Zsaitsits

Art by Stefan Zsaitsits

Oooo I love these! Found one of his drawings randomly on Pinterest. Thank god for the pinners that actually write the artist name under the pin!
I love how he sort of "breaks the rules". I always draw everything so "correctly" that I found these very refreshing :)
I wish you a great weekend!


  1. I also find myself being too much perfectionist. Drawing somenthing crazy (because these drawings are a bit crazy for me) would probably help!;)

  2. whimsical drawings. :) hello ulrika, what do you think about people stealing other people's work without permission, like copying them and posting them without credit? how do you deal with the situation if you've discovered someone had stolen your work? it's really something that artists and photographers have to deal with.

  3. i'd like to hear your opinion about this, because i've seen some of my work posted online by others without linking back to me. :(

  4. Amazing! Thanks for sharing:)