01 July 2013

Robert ♥

Art by Robert Grafström
Facebook page

Thanks to a little post on this blog, Robert is in England teaching kids how to draw giants. I think that's pretty great so my talented boyfriend deserves some more attention with a new post :)
Here are some of his more recent work and it's amazing how much he's evolved the past years (although I don't think he sees it himself). He has created his personal style and he's started to use a more recurrent color palette.

Are you a talented artist/photographer that doesn't get half the attention you should? Send me and email (info@ulrikakestere.com) and I'll see if I can't post something about you :) We bloggers need to help each other I think! It's silly that the more followers you get, the less you start to post... often because it's taken so many years to collect followers that in the end blogging isn't as much fun. Muuu.


  1. Truly amazing and inspiring! He is very talented and I like his style.

    I draw in my sketchbook when I'm at work and post them on Instagram, if you're interested to see it :) My blog is more...slow-updated but it is alive sometimes ;P
    My instagram-name is lovisalynx
    ( instagram.com/lovisalynx )

  2. I really like his work! Especially the giant and the dwarf on the float.

    If you like to take a look at my photographs and little drawings I'd be happy :)