26 July 2013

Kronovalls vinslott - Wedding - part three

# Kronovalls vinslott bröllopsbilder


  1. I love all three sets of pictures, you have such a good eye for detail, Uli. The location is amazing, now I want to get married in a castle too! :)

    How did you like being a wedding photographer? Do you picture yourself doing this more often?


  2. We am going to enjoy cocktails at my wedding reception party. Which kind of venue should be best for this?
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  3. Thanks for share this post I also share with you something hope you like my post. My cousin got married a few months ago and there was no program for the festivities. The wedding started at 5 and lasted about an hour. Naturally, when the ceremony was over at 6 and we headed to the reception site to see appetizers we assumed it was a cocktail hour before dinner. There were two tables on either side of the room which contained buffet style appetizers. Everything was bite size and finger foods ranging from veggies and dip to deviled eggs. Not to mention, the plates were only about 5 inches in diameter. Image our surprise when no food was served throughout the rest of the reception! We had to go back to fill our tiny plates at least five times and were still hungry when the food ran out. Not to mention she had a cash bar as well so we had to pay for drinks and didn't even get a meal. We were not happy at all! Thanks
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  4. Lovely couple and a gorgeous wedding venue! Their wedding was truly amazing. My favorite thing is this fascinating décor. I loved it a lot. I would love to get married at such beautiful wedding venues. Thanks for these photos.