06 April 2013

More from Öland

Ölands beaches are covered with piles of flat stones. So while living here they have managed to find quite a few flat mummified animals between the stones. Unfortunately, the had thrown out the flat rat they once found :)

Old cottages here and there with fancy things in the windows. A lot of the things that I like in Lofoten are here too. Old tiny wooden boats. Glass objects. Cold sea life.

Mira found this little mouse in a pond by a stone. We gave him a funeral and then we went back home.

I would love a little house like this somewhere! You don't need much more :) A little place you visit during summer that's filled with memories and interesting findings from the past summers adventures.

Drawing, eating apples on bread and looking through the flower book.
I'm staring to regret making the bureau so dark in the unicorn illustration. Beh! But I'm gonna let it be and use less biro in my next illustration instead.


  1. i loved this post! Ah all the small magical things :)

  2. Wow, what a cool collection of found animals!
    poor little mouse.

  3. Oh, what is that flower book?

    1. I think it's "den nordiska Floran"

  4. Beautiful illustration and photos too, oh how I'd love a little place like this blue grey house...

  5. I love the pictures in this post :)
    Very wintery-dreamy.

  6. A small place filled with memories... Would be wonderful!
    I like your illustration. And the flowerbook ;)