25 April 2013

Mina lives here

She has my little sami fox pillow in her vintage sofa.

I'm super jealous of her little blue carpet. She knows. She keeps an careful eye on it while I'm visiting. So that I don't steal it and then run my way ;)

A friend of hers came by with the fox with dresses iphone shell.

Free shipping thru sunday :)


  1. i think your pillow
    found a beautiful place to be! -
    yes, the blue carpet is great!
    very eye relaxing.

  2. i love that iphone cover! i would even buy an iphone for that:D

  3. Åhh min soffa är en kändis. Får se till att larma den så att varkendu eller dina läsare kommer och snor den på natta.

  4. beautiful case for smartphone !
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