17 April 2013

The white tent #2

Today, Gizmo, turning 13 next month, joined Laura by her tent. Gizmo is 75% Samoyed and 25% Karelian Bear Dog. The were both gorgeous and super patient :)

Joggers and guys with their crazy mountain bikes didn't really pay the models any respect and just cruised boldly by Gizmo almost crushing his tale. Hah... I would never have disturbed a photograph like that. It's not like we were on the only path. This is on a sub-path. The real path is 10 meters behind me.


  1. Oh, tehy are so CUTE together <3....

  2. So glad to see Laura again! <3

  3. unfortunately there are stupid people everywhere :/

    but they did not ruin you photo,it's beautiful!

  4. What kind of dog is the dog on the right? they are both BEAUTIFUL, but that one on the right reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan. I must know!