21 April 2013

From the phone

I'm not really an instagram user, I'm not comfortable enough to show everything I photograph to everyone... and I already share so much of myself on other sites. Also I haven't really understood if you can choose which photos to publish and which to stay private? Or is it just choosing public or private for al photos?

Well, the last week I've used it a little bit. Pictures 1,2,4 and 5 are all taken on my way to work. And picture 3 is of course little Loollooooo :)
The weekend really swooshed by this time! I celebrated my birthday in the forest with some friends today, it's on tuesday really but who has time to go to the forest then :) ?


  1. You can choose to show all your photos for everyone (including the ones who are not following you)or none of them (for the ones who ARE NOT following you, those who follow you can still see the photos even if you make them private)..

    Love your instagram photos btw ♥

  2. I love the first two photos ~ beautiful.