09 April 2013

Borzoi, Xoloitzcuintle & Saluki

A few more beauties from the dogshow.
I don't want to bore you with 100 photos from the show, it's just that I photographed so much and I sometimes forget that everyone isn't as fascinated by dogs as I :)
I liked how most owners had tassels on the collars to their salukis... it made them look super elegant!
Gosh, I hope all my readers have had the pleasure of seeing salukis run over an open field, their movement is like a dance.


  1. Borzoi are my favorite! If I didn't have rabbits, I would certainly own one, they are so beautiful.

  2. I love seeing all the different dog breeds, Uli! Keep 'em coming :)

  3. I for one am definitely not bored, there can never be enough cute dogs! As a kid I used to watch all the dog shows I could find on tv, and my family just didn't understand, haha. :)

  4. One fine day you will publish a book about dogs. You write it yourself, and of course, use your own photos... A book in your own Ulicam style! Can't wait... (ooh, you didn't know?)

  5. Beautiful! I love your photos of dogs; keep it up!