29 April 2013

Beautiful Lana

More old photos of my mum!
I can be quite brag-ish about my parents. But I think that's better than being rude about them :)

I'm very proud of them because me and my sister have had a great upbringing with a lot of humor and love. They have worked hard to have the jobs they do today (dad's a surgeon and mum's in economics). They practically started our family in a shed-like little hut in Latvia. And by a fortunate series of events we had the possibility of coming to Sweden when dad was offered a job at the hospital here.

So mum and dad, thanks for all the things you've done for me and my sister :)


  1. i've been reading your blog for about a year or more while knowing you have someting in common with Latvia. and it's such a pleasure to know your parents come from Latvia!
    do you speak latvian too? and do you visit Latvia often?
    do you think of yourself as latvian or swedish?

    best wishes from Riga!!
    Rute Marta

    1. Cau Rute :)
      Yes, we all speak Latvian in the family... although I can't really write in Latvian. I can read it (slowly) but when I have to spell the words myself it gets super clumsy.
      My Dad is in Latvia just about every month but I visit Latvia about once a year, most often around late summer.
      I guess I think of myself as swedish... but I'm very proud to be Latvian and I feel that I'm extremely in touch with my roots when it comes to food, braids and illustrations :)
      When I'm in Latvia I mostly visit Riga, Leipaja, Pavelosta and Balvi.

      Hugs from Uli :)

  2. wow you look just like her, so much resemblance!

  3. I love the picture in the bottom left corner, so beautiful with the natural woolen sweater. Or I love all the pictures, so cool to be able to rock that kind of bangs!

  4. You SHOULD BE PROUD and brag about our mom...she's super beautifuuuuuuul!!!!!! :D

  5. This post gave me goose bumps! Your Mum is beautiful! And a moment ago I saw the post with your self portrait - you really look like her!

  6. Tava mamma ir ļoti skaista. Un tu esi tik līdzīga viņai. Fantastiski!

  7. Sweetest post, so refreshing! Your mum is very beautiful...