10 March 2013

The First Week

I have to say that the first week at my new job was above expectations.
Everyone has been really friendly and I've learned so much already. My tasks have been very diverse which I appreciate so much.
I've been so happy about the fact that I wake up in the morning and actually have somewhere to be and something to do! I sit in a room with two other graphic designers and have a big windows facing one of the towns squares by a large church and beautifully trees cut in squares.
There are even some employees that bring their dogs to the office now and then... need I say more?

The photos are from this summer and from last autumn.

The middle photos is of a Lagotto Romagnolo dog. They seem to have become a rather popular breed in Sweden. Just like poodles, I like when these kind of dogs are trimmed really short, that's when they look the best! But unfortunately many prefer to let the fur around the mouth grow quite a bit... which makes all the drool and what now gather and give them a sloppy appearance.
For example, a large grey poodle trimmed short looks so elegant! But when you start giving them hats and legwarmer-shapes... that's when they start to look a tad silly :)


  1. I totally agree about your dog-story. A shame dogs don't have a say in how they want their hair cut... It often says a lot about their owners don't you think? Nice to read that your first week at the job turns out great! You and your talent are a fantastic accession to the team. I'm sure!

  2. tycker såsåså mycket om tredje bilden.

  3. Well trimmed Lagotti are the cutest dogs :)

  4. I like this breed, they're adorable, but not too 'sweet'. You seem to be happy with your new job, that's great!

  5. Great that your new job started so well!!! Sounds like a very nice working atmosphere!

    Ah, and I love the way you make your pictures look! Beautiful!