02 March 2013

Student work

Photographs by students Carl, Odin and Sofie
at Lofoten Folkhøgskole

My dear readers, my week as a teacher is over and soon I'll board my first airplane to travel down south. Above are three photos from my workshop. It's always rewarding when students tell you that they've been inspired to create for the first time in a long time. That's pretty much the point of my visit, to make them realize that all the ideas and imagination is inside of them...

Yesterday the sun paid us a visit and my norwegian friend and photographer Signe Fuglesteg showed up in Lofoten. So I had a great friday talking about the good and bad of being a photographer, eating chocolate cake, playing boardgames in front of the fireplace and getting to cuddle with one of the teachers dog.

And as always I'm happy that I've been able to meet old friends like pinhole photographer Mikkel Seeberg and the crazy Weggebrothers Inge and Marcus Wegge. If you haven't heard about Inges awardwinning surfmovie North of the Sun it might be time to check it out. Or at least see their little house/crib that they built out of plastic bottles and wood found on the beach.

And if you're a fan of little cabins, you must scroll through the page free cabin porn... I just love that blog!


  1. Åh Cabin Porn <3 alltså stugor är ju något av det finaste som finns på denna jord. Jag ska bo i en när jag blir "stor".

  2. I thought it was you in the first picture!