27 March 2013

Best in show, grooming

A lot of combs followed the dogs to the show.
Some looked sharp after the grooming but most of them looked very funny :) Mihihi. Look at the last one, doesn't she rather look like a guinea pig?
Mpst dogs looked a little bored while being groomed, but the pomeranian on the top photo really loved it. He just laid on his back and enjoyed himself. 


  1. Bild numer tva ar helt otrolig...ser ut som om hon vore gjord av vitt silke! Och fluffy puppy number one ar bara for rolig hahahah!

  2. Ja eller hur, på andra bilden har de kammat honom väääldigt väl! Kanske har lite Paul Smith super skinny serum där också?

  3. Haha, last one looks like an ewok ;) with a big mushroom on it's head ;)

  4. That third dog is beautiful, but the others look hilarious in their poses/hairstyles.